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DanceRadio FreestyleFM is a not-for-profit service broadcasting to anyone with a computer, a modem and speakers. We provide great music from the 80's , 90's and today
to the global internet audience. No membership required. No paid advertisers allowed.

We will broadcast promotions for non-commercial internet activities, such as Party-Guides and BlogsPersonal Websites as well as interested mIRC channels and other clubs or organizations who are based on the Internet. At our discretion, we reserve the right to accept or decline the playing of promotions for entities we feel do not represent the better interest of the DanceRadio FreestyleFM's listening audience.

If you have ideas for features you would LIKE to see included on this page, please feel to let us know. As we create our email addresses, one will be posted here for you to contact us. This page will be updating constantly.

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Help Wanted

Do you want to become a DJ at a real Dance station that is broadcasting via the internet!? That's possible !

You only have to fit in the following profile !

- You have to be at least 15 years or older.
- You need to have time and be able to record a show of 1 or 2 hours each week.
- You need to be able to record your show in good quality mp3 , ogg or wma format.
- People that can , and like to present are a pre , but non-stop is also possible.
- You need to have something like Kazaa , Soulseek or a FTP-server ,
so we can get your show from you once a week
- The show has to be at least 50 % eurodance , italo , trance , club ,
disco or happy hardcore.*

* Of course your program is also allowed to be 100 % dance , trance , etc.
If your program is 50% eurodance than you are allowed to fill the rest with uptempo R&b, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hardcore, Top40, and slow Pop.

Still interested ? Then mail us !

Please give us your name (real + DJ-name) , your age , and tell us a bit about any experience that you might have.
Please also tell us what kinda show you would like to make
(including music styles) , and what kinda music is your favorite.

If you have a demo of yourself , so we can hear your quality's...
it's very welcome !
Don't send your demo to us , but tell us where we can hear or download it :-)

You can send your mail to:
We mostly give you an answer within 48 hours.

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You can listen to DanceRadio FreestyleFM using several software applications. Some may already be installed on your computer. If you experience difficulties tuning us in, we provide links, below, to download new software, or to update software currently installed on your computer, to hear us.


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Tuning In - Troubleshooter

Clicking on the "<Dialup/Broadband> Connection" link at our main page should start your desired radio receiver software and begin to play DanceRadio FreestyleFM's live broadcast. If you fail to receive the broadcast by clicking on the link, this is probably due to settings in your computer. Each computer is set up differently. Please refer to the chart below to help to solve your unique case.


While other applications seem to work fine, we rank Winamp highest. There are many versions of Winamp available for download on the Internet. The latest versions of Winamp are popular because there are is a large supply of Skinz available for them. We offer (and this author uses) Winamp version 2.91 because it loads almost instantly due to its smaller program size. There is no audible difference in the quality of the reception between version 2.91 and later versions. In the Downloads section above, you can download Winamp version 2.91 from our website. Also available (below) is a link to download the mp3PRO Winamp plugin. But first...

If you prefer to manually enter our broadcast address directly into Winamp...

1. Open Winamp
2. Single right-click in any blank area on the Winamp interface.
3. Choose "Play", then choose "Location..."
4. In the "Open Location" box that opens, type in: (for the 64-bit stream, DSL/Cable Connections)

Once you have established your connection to our broadcast, you can use Winamp's easy-to-use Bookmark feature. This will make future tune-ins simple and speedy.

1. Open Winamp
2. Single right-click in any blank area on the Winamp interface.
3. Choose "Bookmarks", then choose"Add current to bookmark".
4. DanceRadio FreestyleFM is now bookmarked in Winamp.

Depending on which version of Winamp you are using, it's likely your new bookmark is named after the song that was playing when you created the bookmark. This is simple to fix...

1. Again, single right-click in any blank area on the Winamp interface.
2. Choose "Bookmarks" then choose "Edit Bookmarks..."
3. On the right side of the popup box, single left-click (highlight) the name of the new Bookmark.
4. Click the "Edit" button.
5. In the "Title" field, change the name to DanceRadio FreestyleFM.
6. Click "Okay" to accept the change.
7. Click "Close" on the Edit Bookmarks popup to close it.

The next time you want to tune into DanceRadio FreestyleFM, you only need to start Winamp. If you last used Winamp to listen to DanceRadio FreestyleFM, you only need to click on Winamp's "Play" button and the live DanceRadio FreestyleFM broadcast will buffer and play automatically. If you last used Winamp for any other purpose than listening to DanceRadio FreestyleFM, you simply need to...

1. Single right-click on the Winamp interface.
2. Choose "Bookmarks" then choose the DanceRadio FreestyleFM bookmark.

The chief benefit to bookmarking DanceRadio FreestyleFM into Winamp is not having to go to our website to click the "... Connection" button(s) or to visit Live365, Streamer, or other website to connect. You can now listen immediately whether sitting at home or at work.


Sometimes, the failure of the website's "... Connection" links is because of a tiny piece of code. If you prefer not to use the trouble shooter tips above (Bookmarking), and you prefer to connect from our website only, you may need to change a setting in your PC to make those links work.

Our links include the suffix /listen.pls on them. The problem is that some PCs are set up to recognize that .pls file type and some are not. Here's how to get your PC to recognize the .pls file type and how to get it to open Winamp and tune in to our broadcasts...

1. In Windows, open My Computer
2. In My Computer, click "Tools" at the top then choose "Folder Options..."
3. Click the "File Types" tab at the top

This new popup is a list of all the file types your unique computer is set up to recognize.

4. Browse down the list and look for a file type named PLS

If PLS does not appear in the list of known file types (the list is in alphabetical order), follow step 5 below. If PLS does appear in your list, skip to step 6

5. Create a new file type by clicking the "New" button beneath the list.
5a. In the new File Extension popup, type PLS as the new "File Extension" then click OK

6. Highlight the PLS file type in your list
7. Click the "Change" button below
8. A new "Open With" box appears on your screen. Look through the list of applications that are in your list. If Winamp is listed in the "Recommended Programs" list, click that once to highlight it, then click the OK button to accept that setting.

Congratulations. You have successfully created the PLS file type on your PC, and the Connection buttons on our web page should automatically open Winamp and play our broadcast.

If other troubleshooting issues exist for Windows Media Player, and they are not addressed here, please let us know and we will add solutions in this space. If you wish to author the troubleshooter, we will happily give you credit on this page for your help.

MP3PRO Plugin for Winamp

As mentioned above, while there are far more advanced versions of Winamp available today, we recommend version 2.91 for many reasons (although later versions work just fine). This plugin is designed to enhance the overall quality of the broadcast reception if you choose Winamp to tune in to Your Radio.

While this plugin enhances the sound quality for those on broadband (96 bit stream) by adding the extra dimension of mp3PRO, its greatest contribution is how it changes your dialup (24 bit stream) reception to a deeper and enriched quality of stereo reception, while adding no additional strain to your dialup connection.

Please note: due to changes in the Winamp 3.0 interface the mp3PPRO plugin does not work with Winamp 3.0.

1. Download the mp3PRO Plugin for Winamp
2. Save this plugin to your Desktop
3. Close Winamp (if it's open)
4. On your Desktop, double-click the mp3PROAudioDecoder.exe file (icon should appear as below)
5. Now, you have to tell Winamp 2.91 to use this encoder (you only need to do this once)
6. Open Winamp
7. On your keyboard, hold down the Control key while pressing P (Ctrl+P) to open Winamp's Preferences dialogue.
8. On the left side, find and select the "Input" line, beneath the Plug-ins section.
9. Several Plugins may appear on the right panel of the Winamp Preferences box.

10. Double-left-click the Plugin marked as shown above, then click the "Configure" button.

11. Make sure all checkmarks are checked on the "General" tab. Do not use the info in the "Streaming" tab unless you tune in from behind a firewall or network, such as with some workplaces.
12. Now tune in and enjoy the enhanced sounds in Winamp!!!

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There are many versions of Windows Media Player out there. Some people upgrade this application all the time. Some never or rarely do. There is certainly nothing wrong with accepting the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude and using an older version. However, this author has the latest version of Windows Media Player -- version so I can only write about that.

To listen to the DanceRadio FreestyleFM broadcast using Windows Media Player...

1. Open Windows Media Player
2. Click "File" then choose "Open URL..."
3. In the Open URL popup window,
            type (for DSL/Cable Connections)
4. Click "Okay" to accept your settings
5. With Windows Media Player, it is not necessary to add the /listen.pls extension

If other troubleshooting issues exist for Windows Media Player, and they are not addressed here, please let us know and we will add solutions in this space. If you wish to author the troubleshooter, we will happily give you credit on this page for your help.

To be added (work in progress): Trouble-shooters for Real Player and others.

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