Dance Radio Freestyle FM's News Page

9 December 2005

After running without any problem , our FreestyleFM's broadcast computer
decided that it was needed to let the 2 networkcards have some weird conflict.
Basicly XP keeps complaining that it has 2 NIC's with the same IP-number ,
while both cards have unique IP-numbers.
So far we have been busy whole day to fix this problem , and we're back online again.
The only question is....for how long ???
As the problem always seems to kick in after 1 or more hours....
Of course we hope to have it worked out now , but'll never know...
So we'll be testing the system for at least a couple of hours , or even days.
This means that our program-schedule could be a little different sometimes.
You can help us testing , by requesting lot's of different songs ,
so we can see if the system keeps handle them correctly.

1 November 2005

Goody , some stuff added to the mainpage , like a whole rating-system.
This thingy let's you rate a song.
And a couple of times a week the 10 highest rated songs will be played.
(see our program schedule)
The request Top10 is resetted again...this happens automaticly every 1st of the month.

27 October 2005

Dance Radio Freestyle FM has a few new DJ's called FunkFreakerz.
Every first and third friday of the month you will be able to hear their mixes
from 21:00 till 22:00 on Freestyle FM , the other weeks you will be able to hear
the mixes of one of our other DJ's , Bert Klein. (site in Dutch)